03/07/2011 06:32 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

The Top 11 States To Find A Job: Gallup

Gallup has published its latest Job Creation Index, providing a state-by-state comparison of which states predominately hired, fired, and stood pat in 2010. As the U.S. job market struggled, the highest-ranking states relied on one of three industries: agriculture, natural resource extraction, or federal government work.

But not all jobs -- or state economies -- are created equal, and many of the states on Gallup's list often create low-paying jobs. Arkansas, for example, ranks fifth best on Gallup's Job Creation Index, but its median household income is a $39,392, good for second-worst in the country. Maryland, on the other hand, might rank lower on the index, but it has the third-highest median household income in the country.

Gallup based its rankings on nearly 200,000 interviews conducted only with employed adults. Interviewees said whether their company was hiring, not changing in size or laying off workers. The Job Creation Index number represents that difference between "the percentage reporting an expansion and the percentage reporting a reduction in their workforces."

To give you a better picture of the job situation in the states below, we've included household income data from the Census, unemployment rates from the Bureau of Labor Statistics andGDP per capita from the Bureau of Economic Analysis.

For the full Gallup report, click here.

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Gallup's Top 10 Job Markets of 2010