03/02/2011 08:13 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

826 NYC Tutors Kids Inside Superhero Store (VIDEO)

With everything from X-Ray glasses to bright red capes, Brooklyn's Superhero Supply Store is a kid's dream come true.

But the store offers kids more than superpowers. Behind a secret door, there's a mini classroom that holds free tutoring and creative writing sessions.

12-year-old Alex tells "NBC Nightly News" that he's a fan.

"The most important thing before being awesome [and] looking good in tights, you need to be educated."


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The unique Brooklyn store/tutoring center is part of 826 National, a network of eight nonprofit centers nationwide.

826 National supports 4,000 volunteers tutoring 25,000 kids per year at locations such as the Pirate Store in San Francisco and the Bigfoot Research Institute in Boston. Portions of store purchases go to support the organization.

If you want to contribute to a fun learning environment for kids, click below to donate to 826 National.