03/02/2011 08:44 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Glenn Beck Uses Cupcakes To Explain Inflation (VIDEO)

Glenn Beck went all-in on his Tuesday show, using cupcakes for an extended metaphor about the money supply and inflation.

Beck began by saying that food prices were rising out of control. He then walked over to a table filled with different foods, and zeroed in on the cupcakes.

"I speak the language of food and cupcakes," he said, adding that he now has to stay away from them for his health. "Hello cupcakes," he said to the cupcakes. "I miss you. Do you miss me?"

Beck then went on to spin a tale of cupcake swapping and hoarding. It used to be, he said, that "everyone had their own cupcakes," or gold reserves, and their currency was backed by their cupcakes," until the U.S. decided it wanted to "hold all our cupcakes" and forced a change.

"We started eating all the cupcakes," he said.

For the full cupcake lesson, watch below.