03/02/2011 06:43 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Late Returns: Huntsman Courts The Cahiers Du Cinema Set

According to reports, Jon Huntsman has been busy behind the scenes prepping for a run at the White House -- staffing up, putting out feelers -- but as for overt signs that a campaign is afoot, all we had to go on before Wednesday was a website full of poetry jams and the news that Huntsman was going to lay low for a couple of months. Wednesday, however, brought a new wrinkle: Huntsman is apparently involved in some sort of documentary film venture.

Per Reuters:

Huntsman's relatively high profile in China has a cinematic dimension. He has allowed a video crew to follow him in a range of settings over the past year, a person familiar with the video production told Reuters. The privately funded project ostensibly plans to make a documentary about Huntsman, although it would undoubtedly come in handy in any political campaign.

Huntsman and the embassy declined to confirm or comment about the video crew.

Obviously, I hope that Banksy is somehow involved in this.


- Oh, hey, now it looks like Mitch Daniels is slowly stepping back from a possible presidential run. "Mitch Daniels says he'll stay focused on getting his Statehouse agenda passed, even if the legislative session drags on so long that it precludes him for running for president." Of course, he could always follow the Palin model, and quit. [Ben Smith]

- New polls have Mike Huckabee looking strong down south. But those polls should obviously be reevaluated when the unstoppable dynamo that is former Louisiana Gov. Buddy Roemer enters the race. [Winthrop University]

- "And, in a sign that Roemer's nascent political operation might not quite have their act together just yet, a media advisory announcing the Thursday event listed the phone number of Politico reporter Jonathan Martin as the press contact. The mistake was quickly corrected." [The Note @ ABC News]

- Rudy Giuliani went to Israel, which is the hot, new, must-do thing for GOP presidential aspirants (and George Pataki). [Politico]

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