01/24/2011 12:01 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

HuffPost Social Jobs: Help Us Find Out Who's Hiring!

Anyone who has ever waded through a jobs site knows that they aren't the easiest places to navigate. If you've ever found yourself vaguely nauseous from reading job descriptions filled with terms like "team-player," "detail-oriented" and "thinking outside the box," you're not alone. How do you find out who companies actually want to hire? Are you really a good fit for what they want?

As the economy continues its slow tread toward recovery, we're asking employers a simple question: tell us who you're hiring and why. For a new regular feature called HuffPost Social Jobs, we will be compiling 100% crowd-sourced information on who's hiring, so you can be sure that real people are recommending real jobs, in real terms. (Employers: we're looking for simple, common-language descriptions why you're hiring, please skip all jargon, promotional language and other forms of corporate doublespeak.)

Are you hiring or do you know someone who is? Submit your job at HuffPost Social Jobs below or tweet your opportunity with hashtag #SocialJobs!

Huff Post Social Jobs