03/07/2011 06:19 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Parents Of Maurice Hudson, Suspect In Killing, Reported Him Missing When He Fled

Like any father might be, Asa Hubbard was concerned when his son went missing. Maurice Hudson told his father that he was traveling to London for vacation, but after Hubbard hadn't heard from him for some time, he filed a missing persons report.

He was shocked when a Chicago Tribune reporter called his home on Saturday to tell him that his son was in custody for murder. "I had no idea," a stunned Hubbard reportedly told the paper.

Police had questioned Hudson in the October 22 shooting death of Jorge Palacios on the West Side of Chicago, but released him without charges. Not long thereafter, Hudson headed for London, telling British authorities he was seeking work there.

But as the Chicago Sun-Times reports, he was turned back at Heathrow for failing to have the proper documentation. When he returned to the country, customs officials found that he had been arrested in connection with the murder, and Chicago police issued a new warrant for his arrest after learning that he'd attempted to flee the country.

During questioning last week, Hudson reportedly confessed to shooting Palacios in the neck and chest as he sat in traffic on the 5500 block of West Roosevelt. He also allegedly gave a motive for his crime: "he does not like Hispanics and decided to kill one randomly," ABC reports.

Bail was set at $1 million.