03/08/2011 12:24 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Los Angeles Animal Rescue Of The Week: Dawg Squad

Ten years ago, Dawg Squad founder Carole Pearson came across a rottweiler at a city shelter adoption event. When she saw that the rottweiler was about to go back to the shelter because no one adopted it, Pearson took it upon herself to find the dog a permanent home. After this, she created Dawg Squad, whose mission is to "make dogs' dreams come true... one dog at a time." Though the organization began working primarily with rottweilers, Dawg Squad's rescues grew to include pitbulls, other "bully breeds," and eventually dogs of any breed that need to be rescued immediately.

Now a fully operational non-profit, Dawg Squad concentrates on animals that are on their last day at City and County shelters. The organization focuses on animals who need special attention due to health issues and special needs, or those who were surrendered by their owner and are at risk of being euthanized.

Recently, Dawg Squad participated in the Mojave Dog Rescue, where animal rescues came together to save 89 dogs that had been dumped into a hoarding situation with little shelter, limited access to food and water, and minimal human contact. For its part, Dawg Squad was able to rescue 6 dogs, 5 of whom were senior dogs and 2 of whom have terminal illnesses.

Dawg Squad has won several awards, including the KNX Radio Hero of the Month award for their work with a homeless man and his 3 legged pitbull. It has also received accolades from Best Friends Animal Society for its hard work and dedication to saving neglected and at-risk dogs.

Dawg Squad has placed over 1,600 dogs in homes in the past 10 years and plans to continue rescuing many more, hoping one day to build a sanctuary for senior and special needs dogs. Check out some of the dogs currently available through Dawg Squad below. Planning a visit? Head to 11209 National Blvd., #246, Los Angeles, CA 90064.

Photos and captions courtesy of Dawg Squad