03/08/2011 04:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Lucy and Tallula Arrigo Create Petition Against Budget Cuts At Toledo Public Schools

In Ohio, two sibling elementary school students created a "kids-only" petition against budget cuts at Toledo public schools. They have collected over 200 signatures so far from fellow students, reports WUPW.

Lucy and Tallula Arrigo say they got the idea after the Toledo Schools Board of Education announced that it was cutting art, gym and music teachers to save $7 million.

They decided that the budgetary benefits couldn't outweigh their beloved arts programs, so they started asking their fellow students at Hawkins Elementary School to voice their concerns.

When asked why she wanted to save school programs, Tallula told WUPW:

"Because we like art, music and gym. Like, the kids at school need to let out their energy and not sit down all day."

Lucy added:

"They're a very special part of the day to most of the students, so we don't want them to leave."

Although the petition has only circulated at Hawkins Elementary School, they are planning to reach out to other Toledo schools.