03/08/2011 03:40 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Nevada Ad Solicits Illinois Businesses To Come To Las Vegas (VIDEO)

A new ad airing in Illinois is asking businesses in the state to try their luck elsewhere -- in Las Vegas, to be specific.

The 30-second spot was made by the Nevada Development Authority, urging business owners to abandon the cold winters and high tax rates of Illinois in favor of sunny Nevada.

The Sagebrush State isn't the only one to make such a pitch. After Illinois increased its personal and corporate interest rates earlier this year, in an effort to close a massive state budget deficit, neighbors Indiana and Wisconsin also tried enticing Illinois companies to cross the borders into their states. Unlike those two states, however, Nevada actually does have a favorable tax climate compared to Illinois's -- there are no personal or corporate income taxes in Nevada.

Rich Miller of the Capitol Fax, who wrote about the ad on Tuesday, had a viciously snarky comment about why business owners might prefer Illinois to Vegas: "Poisonous snakes don’t creep into your hotel room unless you’re dating an alderman."

Watch the spot: