03/10/2011 04:49 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Megyn Kelly And Jesse Jackson Spar Over Wisconsin (VIDEO)

Megyn Kelly sparred with Rev. Jesse Jackson on Thursday's "America Live" about the ongoing protests in Wisconsin.

The interview came in the wake of the state legislature's passage of a bill stripping most public employees of their collective bargaining rights. Kelly's disagreement with Jackson, who was in Madison protesting with thousands of others, seemed to come down to tactics. Jackson said that Gov. Scott Walker's actions were so extreme that they needed to be met with protests and walkouts. Kelly, though, thought this approach was too much.

"You can make your voice heard, you can object," she said to Jackson. "Why isn't that not the solution, as opposed to storming the Capitol?"

"These workers have been amazingly disciplined and non-violent," Jackson responded. "What they are saying is, we can negotiate wages and benefits but not our right to be at the table."

Kelly then compared the Wisconsin bill to President Obama's health care law. In the fight over that bill, she said, Tea Partiers and Republicans were forced to accept the law's passage through a parliamentary maneuver. "That's just life," she said. "That's law." She said the Wisconsin unions and Democrats were "losing, but they're losing fairly."

More back-and-forth followed, with Kelly asking Jackson at one point, "how are they in a position right now when Governor Walker tried to compromise even on collective bargaining?"

Jackson tried to get a word in as Kelly ran through a list of what she called the concessions that Walker offered. "You're going and going and going," he said.