03/10/2011 09:04 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

N-Dubz, London Rap Group, Causes A Stir On Virgin Atlantic Flight

Members of the London rap group N-Dubz, caused a stir on a Virgin Atlantic flight from Los Angeles after they learned the bar was closed, according to the Daily Mirror.

Trouble started as the flight crossed over Arkansas after a drunken passenger began heckling the flight's bartender, who subsequently closed the bar. When, unknowingly, a member of the band's entourage went to the closed bar asking for brandy, the barkeep refused, leading the man to forcefully ask if the man was racist, reducing the bartender to tears.

Roughly 30 minutes later turbulence hit, yet members of the band wanted to use the restroom. They were instructed to stay in their seats and a war of words ensued.

This is when flying from Los Angeles becomes interesting: Also on the flight were a few celebs, including Julia Ormond, of "The Curious Case of Benjamin Button" (and for those who remember, "Legends of the Fall") and British boxer Joe Calzaghe. Ormond, who was sitting two rows behind the group, jokingly (?) told them she could offer her jujitsu moves to diffuse the situation, while the boxer offered his fists. Another British personality wasn't as enthused by the situation, and moved from her $5,600 seat to Premium Economy to avoid all the drama, according to an Australian news service.

So what did Virgin have to say about the matter? Post-flight the airline told the media: "It is fair to say it was a lively flight."

It's safe to say this flight was quite different from other rappers' experiences in-flight: Kanye West famously gave an impromptu performance on a Delta flight last November, while rapper B.o.B. got on a plane's intercom on a Los Angeles-bound flight and started singing in February.