03/14/2011 06:01 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Carol Boigon Channels John Hickenlooper In First TV Ad Of 2011 Mayoral Cycle

The first television ad of the 2011 Denver mayoral race looks awfully familiar. In an ad released Monday, mayoral candidate Carol Boigon, an at-large city councilwoman, spoofed John Hickenlooper's famous 2005 ad supporting Referendum C and D.

The ad shows Boigon sitting in an airplane with skydiving equipment strapped to her back. "Mayor Hickenlooper went to great heights for this city," she says before broadly outlining some policy goals.

Unlike Hickenlooper, Boigon doesn't jump from the plane, but claims she'll "do what it takes to make Denver soar."

Boigon is one of 10 candidates whose names will appear on the mayoral ballot.

According to the Denver Post, Boigon's ad was produced by the East Coast-based SKDKnickerbocker communications company, and will begin airing Tuesday.