03/14/2011 09:08 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

Chris Lee Apologizes To Donors, Promises To Refund Contributions

Former Rep. Chris Lee (R-N.Y.), the congressman who stepped down last month after Gawker reported that he had posted shirtless pictures of himself on Craiglist with the intent of setting up meetings, has sent a letter to his supporters apologizing for his conduct and promising to return their donations.

"I regret very much how my actions affected my family, staff and constituents," Lee wrote in the letter, provided to the Buffalo News. "Now, as a private citizen, my first priority is to try and pull back together a life for my family. God willing, with the continued support of family and friends, it will happen."

In a statement relaying news of his resignation in February, Lee wrote that he regretted "the harm that my actions have caused my family, my staff and my constituents."

"I deeply and sincerely apologize to them all," Lee continued. "I have made profound mistakes and I promise to work as hard as I can to seek their forgiveness."

CNN reports that the congressman has nearly $750,000 cash on hand after having successfully raised more than $1.7 million last year in his reelection campaign. That money, Lee wrote, will be given back to contributors.

"Any individual who donated to my campaign in 2010 or 2011 will be given back their donation in full," Lee said. "Just over 1,100 letters are in the process of going out. I felt it was important to return the money because it belongs to my supporters; not me."