The Original Kings Of Catchphrase Comedy Tour On 'SNL' (VIDEO)

If there's one thing you can't really go wrong with it's comedians making fun of bad comedy. That's why one of our favorite sketches from this weekend's "Saturday Night Live" was this promo for "The Original Kings Of Catchphrase Comedy" tour. We've all been subjected to bad stand-up comedy before where the punchlines rely on the comedian's ridiculous nickname, false persona or "universal" catchphrase that feels more like a non-sequiter.

With Zach Galifianakis as Peter "Airhorn" Schultz, and such hilarious characters as Barry The Plumbing Gentleman, Mike "Insert Joke Here" Henry and "Boston Powers," almost the entire 'SNL' cast gets in on the fun with a one-line character. Want to hear jokes about McDonalds breakfast, N.Y. vs. L.A. and the thoroughly relatable experience that is coming home to find your wife "eating dookie" all accompanied by ridiculous premises? Of course you do!