03/15/2011 04:05 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Ditto Lets You Plan Activities Using Friends' Suggestions

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You want to see the Justin Bieber movie and eat a hamburger. But you don't want to do it alone, and you don't know where to get that burger. Enter Ditto, an iPhone app that lets you use the check-in aspect and geolocation facilities of something like Foursquare to plan your activity and find friends who might want to tag along.

What it is: Ditto is an iPhone app that lets users relay to the world the activities they plan to pursue--whether it's eating some dinner or seeing a movie--and get real-time recommendations from friends. Friends could also chime in to say they'd like to join in on what you're doing--or "ditto" it.

How it works: Ditto uses Facebook Connect to get on your social network. At that point, you can post what it is you want to do, or need advice on. Users can post a traditional plan, like "Fran is going to see Mars Needs Moms," or leave the field for their request blank, to invite recommendations from friends, or have Ditto show location-based nearby results. Food categories are specific, with options like seafood, breakfast and pizza.

Friends can comment with suggestions, or use the "ditto" button to show they'd like to join. Ditto users can also award trophies for good recommendations. For instances where you've made up your mind, you can push the note to Foursquare, Facebook or Twitter.

They also plan to add functions for other kinds of recommendations, spanning books, music and more.

Why you'd use it: Ditto takes advantage of the mobile, location-based, realtime capabilities of the iPhone in some novel ways. Though apps for recommending where to eat, or where to go, already exist, Ditto's innovation is in social organization.

Ditto friends can use the service not just for suggestions, but to actually get people together in the real world to do real things. Next time you want to grab a bowl of a noodles, Ditto might enable a nearby buddy to satisfy his own soupy craving and hop in on your meal.

"It is simpler than Facebook, more fun that Twitter, and more useful than Foursquare," founder Jyri Engestrom told TechCrunch. "Discovery is going social, social is going mobile, and nailing it is a huge, Google-sized opportunity that could replace traditional search on the phone."

How to get it: Visit or go to the Apple App Store to get Ditto on your iPhone.

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