03/16/2011 01:12 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'Kathy Griffin Wants A Tony' Opens On Broadway (VIDEO)

Kathy Griffin's brand of comedy is familiar to us all - whether you watched her life on the D-list on TV or if just you've bought your tickets to see her return to the stage in her new Broadway show "Kathy Griffin Wants A Tony."

Always hungry for more media attention and laurels, Griffin once wanted an Emmy just as badly as she now wants a Tony. Her hilarious, striking, and nearly always controversial jokes are a constant lobby for still more awards.

Her limited engagement run on Broadway (which ends Saturday, March 19) at the Belasco Theatre has had, likely, an expected affect on theatre critics from coast to coast. Where some complimented her rapid-fire takes on pop-culture and compare her to Joan Rivers (an inarguable compliment), some thought she seemed nervous on opening night. Regardless, Griffin clearly maintains her long-standing position that she doesn't care what you think while she's acting like she desperately cares what you think.

And if you think the hilarity doesn't start until she gets on stage, you're mistaken. Take a look at her (long, but still funny) Playbill bio here.

Lastly, here's a promo Griffin made while touring the theatre for the first time "as the star." She warns a few household names to send their assistants before buying their own tickets, just to see how it goes.