03/18/2011 06:41 pm ET Updated May 25, 2011

Geries Fakhoury, Orland Park Man, Told Wife He Was Taken Hostage By Prostitutes He Hired: Cops

An Orland Park man faces criminal charges after allegedly hiring two people for a sex party, then telling his wife they were holding him hostage.

Geries Fakhoury, 32, allegedly told police a man and woman accosted him when he returned home from work and forced him to drive to his bank and withdraw $800 before returning to his home, forcing him to smoke crack and stealing his wallet, Orland Park Patch reports.

But Fakhoury's wife had another story for police. From Patch:

She said her husband was running late that evening. She fell asleep before he arrived, according to the report. She was awoken around midnight to the sound of her husband's voice, saying, "They are holding me hostage." She saw a black man next to her husband with a crack pipe and a screwdriver, police said.

She said Chatman told her husband he wanted to have sex with her but backed off when Tousant removed him from the room. They also tried to force her smoke crack cocaine until she lied and said she suffers from asthma. Fakhoury, she noted, then hid her phone in the closet, according to the report.

Fakhoury's wife allegedly said she wanted to call police, but her husband told her not to. Orland Park police told TribLocal they believe Fakhoury paid the Chicago couple $400 each to participate in a sex party, which was supposed to include his unsuspecting wife.

Fakhoury has been charged with patronizing a prostitute, possession of a controlled substance and felony disorderly conduct for his false police report, according to Patch.

The other two--Chicagoans Shina Tousant, 35, and Thomas Chatham, 49--were charged with prostitution and theft, for allegedly stealing Fakhoury's wallet, keys and garage door opener.

Police determined that Fakhoury had met Tousant and Chatam to plan a sex party earlier in the evening.