03/20/2011 10:42 am ET Updated May 25, 2011

John Travolta's Qantas Video Introduction Upsets Flight Crew (VIDEO)

John Travolta's new introduction to the Qantas Airlines in-flight safety video (played on all domestic and long-haul flights) has been dubbed "cringe-worthy" by Qantas staff, according to the Sunday Telegraph. Travolta appears in a captain's uniform saying cheesy things "this is your captain speaking--well, maybe not today" and calling flight crews "teams."

Flight crews ripped Travolta (who flew his own Qantas Boeing 707 to Australia last November), as not being a "real" pilot, according to One staff member said that "the whole thing seems to make the safety message seem trite."

Maybe it's not best time to point out that Oprah had Travolta arrive on stage in a captain's uniform in a make-shift Qantas plane when she announced her surprise trip to Australia last fall.

What do you think? WATCH the video below: