03/22/2011 03:30 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Around The World In 2,000 Pictures (VIDEO)

The ability to travel quickly is elusive to practically the entire world, save a few people it seems.

First came Corinne Vionnet's striking photos of super-imposed images of the world's most famous structures. Next came Luke Shepard's super-cool video of Paris created by combining 2,000 photos of the city of light. Just last week, there was a 2-minute video of a road-trip made by clustering photos together.

Now comes a short video by Alex Profit claiming to take viewers around the world in 2,000 pictures. While the video highlights Prague, London, Paris, Berlin, Shanghai and New York, among others, the video leaves out all of South America, Australia and Africa. Still, it's fun for all those arm-chair travelers out there.

WATCH below: