03/22/2011 09:15 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Conan: Rebecca Black Stole 'Friday' From My Song 'Thursday'

If you're the host or a writer for a late night talk show, resisting the urge to do your own Rebecca Black parody video is probably nearly impossible. Conan finally gave in last night, when he unveiled the video for his song "Thursday." But he also took the bit a step further, claiming via his video blog that his tune actually pre-dated Black's "Friday," and the pop star had actually stolen the song from him.

He introduced the segment explaining that kids get most of their entertainment from the internet, so he wanted to communicate with them in a familiar way. The scene then cut to the usual image of a single person (Conan) sitting at his computer talking to the built-in camera. After making a few "vloggish" statements about vowels, cereal and the Winklevoss twins, Conan launched into his charge against Black, and then rolled his video.