03/23/2011 03:48 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show' EXCLUSIVE: Pete Holmes At SXSW (VIDEO)

If you've never experienced Pete Holmes' stand-up comedy, prepare to have your mind blown! OK, maybe we're over selling him, but this bit from Holmes' set on the premiere of "John Oliver's New York Stand Up Show" filmed at South By Southwest is pretty hilarious. In it, Holmes explains how a simple foot x-ray caused him to realize how ridiculously amazing the human body is.

"Do you know what's in our neck? Everything! Life is in our neck! What's protecting it, a rib cage perhaps? No, just a thin coating of skin... Just daring the universe, 'End my life! Please!'"

And don't even get him started on the eyeballs. Watch the exclusive clip below courtesy of, and catch the rest of Holmes' set on the premiere of "John Oliver's New York Stand-Up Show" Thursday Mar. 24 at 12:00 midnight on Comedy Central.

Uncensored - Pete Holmes - Our Amazing Bodies
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