Creepy Singing Babies: The Worst Viral Video Of All Time? (VIDEO)

Here's another clip from the "how did we miss this" file. This video has been around since 2009, but we're pretty sure most of the world has yet to see it, since most of the world is still able to sleep at night.

The collective Everything is Terrible finds forgotten footage on VHS tapes, including commercials, infomercials, bad children's shows, etc. then uploads it to the Web so that we can all join in the horror. In honor of their service to humanity, the group has been featured on NPR, The Onion AV Club and more.

This particular installment, simply called "Singing Babies," opens with the worst sing-a-long counting video we've ever seen, followed by what can only be described as "A Clockwork Orange" reel for toddlers.


We have to thank Henry Zebrowski of sketch group Murderfist for bringing this to our attention.