03/28/2011 02:25 pm ET Updated May 28, 2011

Dipannita Sharma, Carol Gracias Slam Indian Modeling Industry For Championing Lighter Skin

Indian supermodels are speaking out about their country's obsession with lighter-skinned models ahead of India Fashion Week, the Telegraph reports.

Model-slash-actress Dipannita Sharma told the British paper, "It's not just the fashion industry, India per se is obsessed with white skin. We will take another hundred years to completely get over it. The industry doesn't openly agree that preferring foreign models over Indian models just for the skin tone is racism. It has some kind of fairness obsession."

Supermodel Carol Gracias told the Hindustan Times she makes $1,000 for each turn on the runway, while the likes of Kate Moss and Adriana Lima bank $20,000 to $150,000. She said, "The major reason for this wide gap is that Indian models are not valued so much when it comes to commercial projects. Sadly, in India not too many people follow hardcore fashion."

Just last year, Elle India found itself in hot water for allegedly lightening the skin color of December cover girl Aishwarya Rai. Rai reportedly considered taking action, however we haven't heard anything about the subject since last year. And there's no word on whether Sharma or Gracias will pursue the issue.