03/29/2011 01:39 pm ET Updated May 29, 2011

Broward County School District In Fla. Pays Painters, Roofers More Than Teachers

Educators and parents in Florida say they're baffled and upset about pay inequality between teachers and laborers who work for the district.

According to the Sun Sentinel:

"The Broward County School District last year paid about 34 of its painters and 24 of its roofers at least $59,000 -- more per day than it paid teachers with 16 years of experience."

Dale Roland, a special education teacher at Coconut Creek High with 24 years of experience and a master's degree, earns about $57,000 a year. And she tells the Sun Sentinel she's upset.

"I love my kids, I love what I do, but I think the respect isn't there for teachers," she said. "I think it's a shame. I really do."

The district defends the pay scale, saying many of the trade workers have maxed out their salaries.

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