03/29/2011 12:06 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

'The Big Lebowski 2' Features Tara Reid In Every Role (VIDEO)

When Tara Reid said back in February that she was working on a "Big Lebowski" sequel, the Coen brothers did not abide, laughing off the claim and saying, "Glad she's working on it."

Now, it looks like Tara "Bunny Lebowski" Reid wasn't completely bluffing. Today Funny Or Die released this hilarious trailer for "The Big Lebwoski 2" where Reid plays every single role. Yes, even The Dude.

Watch the full trailer below to see Reid tackle every character in a plot that somewhat recreates the first film (except for a couch theft instead of a rug). While die-hard "Lebowski" fans might be hoping for a sequel, something tells us this isn't quite what most had in mind.