03/30/2011 01:34 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Internet Safety Video Teaches Kids What To Do When Something Makes Them Feel Bad

As it turns out, porn is the worst bully of all.

Here's another video that slipped under our radar; it's been on YouTube since 2009 but we caught it for the first time yesterday thanks to The Daily What. Of course, vintage safety and how-to videos are an endless supply of laughs, but we especially love this one for the demure way they avoid using the words "Internet porn," and make it seem like the kids have fallen victim to some kind of pre-Facebook cyber bullying. Tom simply saw something on the Internet that he didn't "understand" and it made him feel "bad."

Don't worry, Tom, one day it won't make you feel so bad. Actually, this was shot in the '90s...Tom probably feels a lot better already.