Kory Shore's 'Crying For America': When Tea Party Parents Attack (VIDEO)

Let's make one thing perfectly clear from the outset: we are not blaming Kory Shore for this terrible, awful video for his terrible, awful song, "Crying For America." Nor are we blaming him for the song itself. He looks like a nice kid, he's cute and he may even have a future in music as soon as he goes to college and moves out of his parents' house. Plus, he's rocking the kind of gloomy mournfulness that could serve him well as the frontman for an indie rock shoegazing sort of band.

No, Kory Shore is just fine in our book. Whoever wrote, recorded, produced, directed and distributed this abysmal song, however, is someone with whom we take extreme issue. And thanks to the Internet, we know its young Kory's dad, one of the five producers of the 1988 hit song "Catch Me, I'm Falling" by Pretty Poison (featured in the movie "Hiding Out" starring TV's Jon Cryer). Truly, Shore the Elder is making a last ditch effort to reclaim his glory days and simultaneously promote his "this country's going to hell in handbasket" politics.

It's bad enough when parents put their babies in Ramones or Sonic Youth t-shirts, as if to suggest they exited the womb looking for the latest reviews on Pitchfork, but dressing your kid up in your politics and pretending your ideology is his is even more obnoxious. So all we can say is, good luck, Kory. You're about due for some serious teenage rebellion. Have an electric guitar at the ready when it happens.

And now let's all cry for America together.