03/30/2011 06:25 pm ET Updated May 30, 2011

Mad Men Cocktails In Los Angeles

Story comes courtesy of City's Best

By Katie Bain

Watching "Mad Men" -- season four of which comes out on DVD today (good thing, since the next season won't happen till 2012) -- makes us want to dress better, drive a nicer car and have a torrid affair or two. Primarily though, the show makes us want to drink with that '50s-style, hold-your-liquor-at-all-costs brand of class. With their retro ambience, these Los Angeles bars are where the "Mad Men" and women would likely post up for their cocktail of choice.

If You're Mad About: Don Draper
Drink: A Rye Old-Fashioned
At: Seven Grand
Draper's taste in liquor is analogous to his personality: dark and potent. This equates to scotch and bourbon and, downtown whiskey den Seven Grand stocks the good stuff. The bar makes a mean rye old fashioned, that, much like the man himself, masks a powerful punch under a charming veneer. The bar's wood-lined walls and dress code create a sense of refinement and live jazz on Monday through Wednesday nights at 10pm fill out the retro ambience.
515 W. 7th St.; 213-614-0737

If You're Mad About: Betty (Draper) Francis
Drink: A January Jones
At: Drago Centro
Toast Betty by drinking a cocktail named for the actress who plays the former Ms. Draper. Drago Centro's January Jones is made with rum, cinnamon extract, demerara syrup, butter, clove, star anise and hot water. You read that right, butter. Seems that January's cocktail is as hot, rich, sweet and enticing as she is.
525 S. Flower St., Ste. 120; 213-228-8998

If You're Mad About: Joan (Holloway) Harris
Drink: A Tom Collins
At: The Dresden
You'd likely find the alluring Ms. Harris being fawned over by a number of attractive young men in a spacious booth of Los Feliz's classic lounge The Dresden. Joan would likely be drinking a Tom Collins, a light, sweet, gin-based cocktail as deceivingly harmless as the buxom femme fatale.
1760 N. Vermont Ave.; 323-665-4294

If You're Mad About: Roger Sterling
Drink: A Gin Martini
At: Musso & Frank Grill
Legendary Hollywood supper club Musso & Frank Grill has been serving celebs, L.A. power players and assorted regular folk for nearly 100 years, which means they've had a century to perfect their cocktails. Ad-exec Roger Sterling would expect nothing less than this perfection for his drink of choice, a gin martini, straight up.
6667 Hollywood Blvd.; 323-467-7788

If You're Mad About: Pete Campbell
Drink: A Manhattan
At: Thirsty Crow
Campbell may have a boyish face, but he's got the ruthless business sensibility of a seasoned industry veteran, and the drinking habits to match. You'd likely find young Pete throwing back a boozy Manhattan, made with sweet vermouth, bitters and punch-packing rye whiskey. Silver Lake's Thirsty Crow does a tasty Manhattan, and also offers twists on the classic by mixing them with mole and caramel.
2939 W. Sunset Blvd.; 323-661-6007