03/31/2011 02:50 pm ET Updated May 31, 2011

NASA Captures Stunning Partial Eclipse Of The Sun

NASA's Solar Dynamics Observatory satellite has captured a stunning new image of a partial eclipse.

The SDO craft enters an "eclipse season" twice a year. During these phases, the craft's view of the sun is obstructed by the Earth for as long as 72 minutes each day.

NASA explains this unique view of our star: "Unlike the crisp shadow one sees on the sun during a lunar eclipse, Earth's shadow has a variegated edge due to its atmosphere, which blocks the sun light to different degrees depending on its density. Also, light from brighter spots on the sun may make it through, which is why some solar features extend low into Earth's shadow."

You can view the eclipse (below). Click through the rest of the slideshow to view the most dazzling images the Solar Dynamics Observatory has captured in the past year, which originally appeared here.

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