04/01/2011 09:58 am ET Updated Jun 01, 2011

Shelly Silver Refutes Bloomberg's Teacher Layoff Claim: 'Use Your Rainy Day Funds'

State Assembly Speaker Sheldon Silver is not buying Mayor Bloomberg's line about having to cut thousands of teachers' jobs under the just passed state budget.

From the Daily News:

"The mayor has announced layoffs and layoffs and layoffs," Silver said after adopting the austere $132.5 billion budget.

"He did that before even the governor proposed a budget [in February]. So this budget didn't lead him to do anything," Silver said. He said, given the state's economy, the city did OK under the new budget.

Silver said the city should use its "rainy day" funds to cover the gaps left by cuts made in the budget passed this week.

Bloomberg's spokesman Marc LaVorgna told the News there were no reserves.

"We put in $2.2 billion more this year into education than last year to cover much of the state cuts," LaVorgna said. "If the state cuts didn't happen, we'd have the funds in place, but they did."

Bloomberg has warned that as many as 6,000 teachers could be cut under the state budget.

At first, Bloomberg said he was outraged by the state cuts, but, two days later, he called them "good government."

Both Bloomberg and Gov. Cuomo were against the so-called "millionaires tax" on high earners which would have brought an extra $700 million in revenue to the state. Silver favored the tax, but said it wasn't crucial to include in the budget.