04/04/2011 01:35 pm ET Updated Jun 04, 2011

7 Birthers' Birth Certificates Even Faker Than Trump's (PICTURES)

Donald Trump, our favorite cartoonish billionaire-cum-Tea Party placater, recently made a few unsubstantiated claims regarding long-debunked conspiracy theories about President Obama's birth, notably claiming that his presidency may be a "scam" and that his birth certificate "might" not be real. In response to the subsequent criticism, he released his own birth certificate, which was quickly discovered to not be the real deal.

We suspect that some other vocal "birthers" may also be hiding something about the circumstances of their birth. Here are some examples of what we imagine some prominent birthers' birth certificates would look like if they were forced to publicly release them. Vote for your favorite!

Birthers' Birth Certificates (PICTURES)