04/04/2011 11:12 am ET Updated Jun 04, 2011

What Denny's Doesn't Get About Bacon

It's Baconalia at Denny's! Get it? The chain has launched an elaborate promotion, with a half a dozen bacon-themed additions to the menu, including a bacon sundae, bacon meat loaf and bacon flapjacks. We in the media are expected to marvel at its cleverness or cluck at the naughty, over-the-top excess. Really, though, we've all seen it before. Consumers, certainly, are unlikely to be impressed by either the menu or the wordy, unfunny manifesto that announced it. A few people extra will eat at Denny's out of curiosity, but most Denny's customers aren't there for the first time, or the last. This promotion, like so many in recent years, is a cheap attempt to milk a bacon fad that, in reality, ended years ago.

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