04/05/2011 01:24 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Southern Storms As Seen From Space (PHOTO)

A violent storm system tore across the south yesterday, leaving destruction and at least seven dead.

The system, which produced a series of thunderstorms as well as a tornado, knocked over trees and even pushed a house off of its foundations, killing a man inside, according to Reuters. The storms also knocked out power to thousands.

From the AP:

The storms were part of a system that cut a wide swath from the Mississippi River across the Southeast to Georgia and the Carolinas on Monday and early Tuesday. Skies were clearing in many areas that were hit, but tornado watches remained in effect in eastern North and South Carolina as the storms appeared to head out to sea.

In a tragic situation a father and son were killed when a tree fell on their house in Butts County in central Georgia.

In all, five people in Georgia seem to have been killed. Tennesee, Kentucky, and the Carolinas were also hit hard by the storm.

The storm from space (from NOAA):