04/06/2011 09:13 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

James Franco Is Stephen Colbert's Nemesis (VIDEO)

How do you make James Franco really mad? "Ask him about the Oscars."

That's the advice that was given to Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night by James Franco's twin brother, Frank Jameso (played by James Franco). But why would Colbert want to make Franco -- a man who "has worked his way around more college campuses than chlamydia" -- mad in the first place? Because both the talk show host and the actor are Renaissance men, and in Colbert's world, there can be only one.

But is Franco really a Renaissance man? As the twin brother of the actor himself asks: "Is modern America so intellectually bankrupt, that anyone pursuing any cultural enrichment of any kind makes him seem intellectual?"

Good question, Frank Jameso.