04/07/2011 03:26 pm ET Updated Jun 07, 2011

Facebook's Open Compute Project: See What Powers The Social Network (PHOTOS)

On Thursday, Facebook launched the "Open Compute Project" and gave the world a look at some of the innovative technology that powers the world's largest social network.

Facebook claims that the custom-designed tech housed in its Prineville data center runs 38 percent more efficiently and 24 percent cheaper than Facebook's existing data centers elsewhere--quite a feat.

Sharing the secrets behind its system, Facebook aims to guide other startups toward similar energy-efficient, cost-effective methods of operation.

Check out some of the tech that makes Facebook tick (below). To view the facts behind the photos, visit or click here (PDF link). Visit our live blog from Thursday's even for a blow-by-blow account of Facebook's announcement on Thursday.

See What Powers Facebook