04/08/2011 10:02 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Jack McBrayer From '30 Rock' Talks About Tracy Morgan's New Kidney (VIDEO)

Apparently, working with Tracy Morgan is not unlike working with Tracy Jordan. The real guy is just as "excitable" and prone to bizarre pronouncements as his fictionalized character.

The always adorable Jack McBrayer appeared on Conan on Thursday and talked about many things, including his Georgia high school's production of "Fiddler On The Roof" and Tina Fey's intimidatingly smart five-year-old. But his quick tale about Tracy Morgan's triumphant return to the "30 Rock" set after having a kidney transplant stole the show.

The interview also inspired our friends at Punchline Magazine to post a few clips of other actors telling their Tracy Morgan stories. What do you think? Does working with Morgan sound hilarious or exhausting (or both)?