04/11/2011 08:16 am ET Updated Jun 11, 2011

Comedy Central Going Strong At 20

Comedy Central, which turned 20 years old on April Fool's Day, has arguably never been more relevant. The late-night tag team of Jon Stewart and Stephen Colbert makes news almost every week, the creators of "South Park" are cracking up Broadway and the channel's newest star, Daniel Tosh, is drawing more than four million viewers some nights.

Now the channel is patting itself and its competitors on the back with the Comedy Awards, which were televised on Sunday on Comedy Central and several other channels owned by Viacom.

Comedy Central's endurance is the result of talent-spotting and demographic marketing. "We have never wanted to be all comedy to all people," said the channel's president, Michele Ganeless. Doug Herzog, who oversees Comedy Central and two other channels owned by Viacom, said, "Everybody's doing some comedy, but nobody's doing exactly what we're doing."