04/11/2011 05:09 pm ET Updated Jun 11, 2011

More New Yorkers Support Gay Marriage Than Ever: Poll

As temperatures increase, more and more New Yorkers are warming to the idea of gay marriage.

In January, a Quinnipiac University poll showed 56 percent of New Yorkers favored marriage equality. At the time, it was the highest percentage ever recorded by Quinnipiac.

This Month, a new Siena College poll shows 58 percent of New Yorkers are all for gay people being allowed to tie the knot.

Democrats were widely in favor, with 65 percent in support. Perhaps more surprisingly, 45 percent of Republicans also backed the idea.

With less than three months left in the legislative session, Siena asked respondents to identify which issue was most important for lawmakers to address. Thirteen percent said same sex marriage, while 37 percent wanted a cap on property taxes.

Gov. Andrew Cuomo's approval rating remained sky-high, with 73 percent of New Yorkers having a favorable opinion of him.