04/13/2011 10:01 am ET Updated 4 days ago

Jon Stewart: 'Buzzkill' Mitt Romney Competing With 'Crazies' In 2012 GOP Race (VIDEO)

At the beginning of March when Jon Stewart kicked off his "Indecision 2012" coverage nearly a year and a half before the election, he asked "Where are the Republicans?" Now, halfway into April, he has his clearest answer as to who will run on the GOP's behalf in 2012 yet: either a bunch of crazies or Mitt Romney.

Stewart said the 2012 Presidential election is shaping up to be the most entertaining race "since Grover Cleveland wrestled a bear for the Presidency," and he's right. You've got colorful characters like Rick Santorum, who said we're having trouble paying for Social Security because of abortion, and Michele Bachmann, who called Obamacare "the crown jewel of Socialism."

"Socialism is, of course, the system of government known for its crown jewels," Stewart said.

Stewart's favorite crazy 2012 hopeful is definitely eccentric New York billionaire and "Apprentice" star Donald Trump, who recently came out as a "Birther." Trump even said Obama's birth announcement in Hawaii was put there by his grandparents so they would appear to be U.S. citizens and could collect welfare.

"His mother was American, you f**kwad!" Stewart yelled. "How much more do you need to know?!"

But among all the crazy potential candidates coming out of the GOP woodwork, former Massachusetts Gov. Mitt Romney just announced he's exploring a run for President in 2012, much to Stewart's chagrin:

"No! Not Captain Buzzkill! Not the guy who looks like anyone who's ever fired your dad!"

Watch the full segment below to hear Stewart break down Mitt "Captain Buzzkill" Romney's campaign announcement and offer him some valuable advice on how to run with the "crazies."