04/13/2011 10:46 am ET Updated Jun 13, 2011

MTA Using The Subway To Transport Garbage Late Nights

With all the talk of the upcoming rat takeover, this story out of the Daily News today won't help matters much.

That is, that the MTA uses subway cars to transport piles of leaking, rat-filled garbage on certain nights. At around three or four a.m. these bright orange bags can be spotted on the 6 train. And while those that pile the refuse would like to think the subways are empty at that time, subways are never empty in New York.

"You see people picking up their feet because it will leak down the train," an anonymous transit worker told the News. "I've seen stacks of bags, leaking, blocking the doorway, blocking seats."

Perhaps the fact that subway cars are moonlighting as speeding trash dumps might be causing the sudden influx of pests in the subway system. But the MTA does have its own official subway freight train called The Southern that is designed to haul garbage only.

But above being plainly gross, it's a serious health issue. John Samuelsen, president of Transport Workers Union Local 100, expressed his concern over the news. "To bring those bags on passenger trains and expose riders to potential of rats jumping out of the bags is outrageous."

The MTA told the News that it is investigating the matter.