04/14/2011 03:52 pm ET Updated Jun 14, 2011

'The Office' New Boss: Dunder Mifflin Employees Futures Revealed

Could Dunder Mifflin be promoting from within?

With Steve Carell leaving "The Office" in just a few weeks, the show brought in a plethora of special guests for the season finale. Along with Will Ferrell, who makes his four episode debut on Thursday, Will Arnett, Ricky Gervais, Ray Romano, James Spader and Catherine Tate will appear in the season's last episode, during which Michael Scott's permanent replacement will be named. Each character's name was revealed by Minday Kaling on Twitter on Tuesday.

But while speculation has been that one of the latter five guest stars could get the job, what about the current employees at Dunder Mifflin? According to executive producer (and Toby actor) Paul Lieberstein, they'll be making a play for the big office, too.

"Dwight, to no one's surprise, will be going after the job with everything he has," Lieberstein told NY Magazine's Vulture blog. "And it's probably not surprising that Darryl will be as well. Throughout the year, he's shown great ambition and desire for more. And Andy is going to throw his hat into the ring. He's got the résumé. He just doesn't have anything else."

But that's not all -- two other employees will be trying for the boss' chair.

"[Kelly is] going to make a little run at it. It's not received with great respect," he said. "Ryan's had the job above it once. But it's not even clear he works at the office. I don't know if he stayed under a temp agreement or how things worked out."

While Lieberstein says that the five guests all could get the role, it's not guaranteed that one of them will get it. Aside from his comments, we know for sure that two candidates won't be staying in Scranton: Lieberstein himself said that Ferrell won't stay beyond his four episode run, and Ricky Gervais took himself out of the running on "The Late Show" on Tuesday night. Additionally, Will Arnett signed on to star in a new pilot of NBC, so there's less than little chance he'd star in two shows on the same night.

Still, even if they don't stay, the guest roles booked for the guest stars sound creative and fun.

"Will Arnett plays an ex-Navy meteorologist who recently broke into the paper world," Lieberstein revealed. "Catherine Tate -- we don't reveal much about her backstory. She appears to be a person struggling for a vision of how to manage. Yet she's bizarrely confident. And Ray Romano, he's not too far away from the Ray that we've come to love."

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