04/15/2011 02:16 pm ET Updated Jun 15, 2011

Boy Handcuffed, Charged Over Spilled Milk In Valparaiso, Indiana School Cafeteria

He may not have cried, but a 12-year-old boy in Valparaiso, Indiana was handcuffed and charged with resisting law enforcement over spilled milk.

The boy, a student at Ben Franklin Middle School, reportedly started yelling at a staff member who asked him to clean up milk he spilled in the school cafeteria during lunch. The principal and assistant principal, who usually monitor lunchtime, were in meetings, the Chicago Sun-Times reports, so the school's police officer was in charge instead.

When the officer approached the boy to settle him down, he defied the officer's request to sit down and stop yelling. The officer then tried to bring him down to the principal's office, but he struggled and eventually fled, as the Northwest Indiana Times writes.

After the officer caught up with him, he allegedly kept fighting and kicking in an attempt to break free. Eventually, the officer cuffed the boy to restrain him, according to a police report.

He was eventually released to his father, but faces two counts of resisting law enforcement. The case has been referred to the Juvenile Probation office for review.