04/15/2011 01:37 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Condoleezza Rice On '30 Rock': Former Secretary Of State To Appear On Sitcom

Five seasons later, Jack Donaghy's ex-girlfriend is finally appearing on "30 Rock." After all, she has some free time, now that she's not Secretary of State.

Condoleezza Rice will appear on an upcoming episode of "30 Rock," star Tina Fey announced on WNYC's Leonard Lopate Show on Thursday. Throughout season one, Donaghy referred to Rice as his girlfriend -- famously threatening to kick Putin's teeth in next time he came near her -- but she never appeared on screen. That's about to change.

"Every now and then we hear that someone wants to come, but usually we ask them, usually we try and do it where we write the part first so that we have something good to offer them, 'cause all actors like to see, you know, a juicy part," Fey said. "We have some good- coming up in the next few weeks before we wrap [season 5], we have another few amazing cameos. One, I'm going to make an executive decision that I'm allowed to talk about this - we have Condoleezza Rice coming up in a couple weeks on the show."

Rice was nearly only the second most powerful former politician to be appearing on the show this year; former President Bill Clinton's staff turned down a chance for him to appear on the Emmy-winning sitcom's 100th episode.

Additionally, former Vice President Al Gore has made a number of guest appearances on the show.

Tom Hanks will also serve as a guest star this season.