James Jean's 'Rebus' At Martha Otero Gallery In Los Angeles

Los Angeles-based artist James Jean has an aspiring illustrator's dream life: cover artist for DC comics, several published books, shows all around the U.S., and a portfolio of work as varied as it is intricate -- from prints designed for Prada to sketchbook and painting masterpieces. His newest show, Rebus, at Martha Otero Gallery in Los Angeles, features a series of vibrant and apocalyptic paintings that bring Jean's imagination to the canvas:

With his cherubs, alien like creatures on lotus pods, tigers, and hounds, Jean creates another universe. James Jean describes his work as, "These excavations into the subconscious are fraught with the misfires, inconsistencies, and contradictions of a dream." And when it comes to illustration, one thing is clear, it should transport viewers into another world; whether it's through his delicate ink sketches -- of women with cabbage heads, and peacocks whose wings give way to a fantasy lands -- or through his vibrant and decaying paintings, Jean's illustrations fulfill this requirement and more.

James Jean, Rebus, Martha Otero Gallery, 820 N Fairfax Avenue Los Angeles, CA 90046, through April 30th.