04/15/2011 04:11 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Mississippi Tornado Caught On Camera: Storms Ravage South (VIDEO)

Powerful tornados and a strong storm system ripped across parts of Oklahoma and Arkansas Thursday night, and moved into Mississippi Friday morning.

The tornado below hit a portion of I-20, flipping cars and tearing off roofs, according to MSNBC. The overnight storms have apparently killed 9 people.

The video below was captured on the West side of Jackson, Miss. The main thrust of the damage seems to have occurred overnight in Oklahoma and Arkansas, where some deaths were reported.


In Arkansas, seven people were killed as the storms hit early on Friday morning.

A six-year-old boy was crushed to death by a tree in the town of Bald Knob.

A father and an 18-month-old girl died in Garland County when a tree struck by lightning fell on their home, crushing the two as they lay in bed. As the sun rose Friday, one side of the mobile home was torn away, and the tree still rested on a mattress.

Much of Mississippi remains in danger of tornados and damaging winds through midnight, according to the National Weather Service.