Coachella 2011 Style Guide: The Good, The Bad, And The Very, Very Hip

Thousands flocked to the desert and braved the heat this weekend at Coachella, and the musical performances weren't the only sights to behold: hipsters and hippies delivered once again with their eclectic style choices. To keep your finger on the fashion pulse, we'll break down the most prevalent trends at Coachella this year.

While many girls opted for tank tops and crop tops with a bandeau and cut off shorts, others embraced their inner hippy and chose flowy, bohemian dresses paired with sandals or boots. Those ubiquitous Risky Business-inspired Ray Bans were spotted on the faces of many attendees, along with aviators and heart-shaped glasses.

Coachella also saw some serious head gear. Huge numbers of people blocked the sun with fedoras and simple sun hats, but others took the opportunity to get a little crazier with their looks. Like years past, Native American headdresses seemed to be all the rage, and this year many of them had neon feathers. A new (and huge) trend this time around however, was animal spirit hoods, which we spotted on both men and women. What other Coachella trends did we come across? High waisted shorts, rompers, do-it-yourself fringe shirts, bare midriffs, body paint, and men in short shorts. We've rounded up a select number of looks that caught our eye--some classy, some chic, and some bizarre. One thing is for sure though: anything goes at Coachella, and these outfits are proof. Check out the slideshow below!