04/18/2011 04:20 pm ET Updated Jun 18, 2011

Passover 2011: New York City Guide To Keeping Kosher For Passover

Passover begins the evening of April 18 this year, and the rules for keeping kosher are many and strict. To help, we've put together an all-around guide on where to eat kosher for Passover in NYC. Whether it's a strictly kosher Seder, a scoop of gelato or a takeout deli meal, we've got you covered.


Abigael's: Chintzy-charming and located in the Garment District, Abigael's offers up a fresh fusion menu that doesn't match its outdated decor. Communal and private Seder dinners on April 18-19 are $125 per person. Stand-out dishes include chicken soup with matzoh balls, sweet peppers and cilantro, and a char-grilled rib steak with garlic-whipped potatoes and seasonal veggies. Chol Hamoed menu is also available.
1407 Broadway; 212-575-1407

The Prime Grill: Located in Midtown East, this dim, wood-paneled steak and sushi bar is a fine-dining destination in the kosher community. Seder dinner is $129 per person and includes four courses. Communal Seder and private Seders are available. Meals also available during Chol Hamoed.
60 E. 49th St.; 212-692-9292

Le Marais: This French Bistro by Times Square, named after the historically Jewish quarter in Paris, is charming and bustling. The Passover prix-fixe on April 18-19 is four courses, $98, and includes treats like Apple Parsnip Soup and an Atlantic Halibut Fillet with roasted tomatoes and spring squash. Kosher for Passover meals are available for Chol Hamoed as well.
150 W. 46th St.; 212-869-0900


Tahini: For those who don't have $100+ to drop on a kosher for Passover meal, this tiny falafel joint in the East Village is known for cheap, awesome food and an unlimited salad bar of tasty pickled vegetables. They inform us they will be kosher for Passover, but how they will make falafel sandwiches without the decidedly "chametz" pitas is another question altogether...
23 3rd Ave.; 212-254-0300

Screme Gelato Bar: Gelato? Passover? Kosher? Done. If you're in the UWS and have a sweet tooth, this is your spot. Everything is kosher, as well as kosher for Passover, and the gelato rivals that of Grom.
2030 Broadway; 212-362-2111


For those who want to eat kosher but don't feel like cooking, the following delis/markets have full takeout menus for Passover.

Noah's Ark Original Deli, 399 Grand St.; 212-674-2200
Park East Kosher, 1623 2nd Ave.; 212-737-9800
The Kosher Marketplace, 2444 Broadway; 212-580-6378


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