04/19/2011 05:21 pm ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

Courteney Cox Talks David Arquette On Jimmy Kimmel: 'I'm Done, I'm Done'

Courteney Cox stopped by "Jimmy Kimmel Live" Monday night to promote "Scream 4," "Cougartown," and talk about her "relationship with David," as she called it.

The actress admitted to surprising her ex and shock jock Howard Stern on his radio show last week, where Arquette had been continuously over-sharing about their relationship.

"You can only take so much," she told Kimmel. "David had been doing it all week and I heard little snippets about what kind of person I am and I was like 'I’m done, I’m done, I’m walking on' and I surprised them."

Cox was surprised at the personal questions Stern asked her, including whether she and Arquette would get back together--which she declined to answer.

"We talk to therapists about this. I mean I know Howard is good at it, but can we not?" she said.

She also admitted to looking up singer Jessie J--who coincidentally performed on Kimmel's show Monday night--after Arquette said he found her attractive.

"Of course I IMDBed her, she’s gorgeous!" she said. "I don’t blame him, her voice is amazing."