04/20/2011 01:31 pm ET Updated Jun 19, 2011

These Countries Are The Hardest On Internet Freedom

A recent report by Freedom House analyzed the restrictions placed on Internet users in 37 countries.

Based on the report's findings, Freedom House developed a numerical system for measuring national Internet freedom based on constraints such as content censorship, limited or no access to certain websites, banned technologies, surveillance methods and more. The higher the score, the "less free" that country's Internet, according to the report.

Freedom House rated 11 countries' Internet "not free," with scores ranging from 61 and 89 points. By contrast, eight countries scoring between 10 and 29 points were said to enjoy "free" Web access.

View our slideshow (below) to see the countries with the least free Internet, according to the report. To read more about Freedom House's startling finds, click here.

7 Least Free Countries Online