04/19/2011 09:11 am ET Updated Dec 06, 2017

The iPad Ad That Bleeds: Anti-Fur Ad Creates Blood Stain On Screen (VIDEO)

The iPad now bleeds. An interactive ad for an animal rights organization has taken the iPad to a new, disturbing level.

The ad, featured in an iPad version of DATUM magazine, shows a woman wearing a fur coat for a fictitious furrier. When the iPad user tries to continue browsing, the finger-swipe movement creates a blood stain on the screen rather than turning the page, and the ad does not go away.

Eventually, writing appears on the screen, which translated, reads “27 foxes had to die in agony for this fur coat.” The ad is for the VGT (Association Against Animal Factories).

People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals reports that animals ranging from dogs and cats to seals and bears are killed in inhumane ways so that their fur can be used for profit. Undercover investigations reveal that some animals are bludgeoned, then hung up by their legs or tails for skinning.

An animal may be skinned while alive, any free limbs still writhing, until a worker stomps on his neck or head. Some animals still remain alive after their fur is peeled off.

Perhaps the iPad ad is less disturbing than the reality of inhumane fur processing practices. What do you think of it -- a gratuitous use of the shock factor, or a creative implementation of technology?